Lesson Learned

11 Nov

Happiest when close to Momma

Last night I read this post and then this one (google reader why are you torturing me?) and sobbed thinking about how fast this year is going by, how my baby is growing so fast and I realized that it is a tremendous blessing for me  to have such a clingy, social baby.  I am a planner—always have been.  I am always planning something 5 steps ahead, thinking, doing 8 things at once and if I had a baby who was more independent I would be MISSING this incredibly brief time in his development because I would be busy on my phone, on the computer, reading, cooking, doing anything but being completely and fully present for my child because that is how I go through life most of the time—doing 8 things at once and never fully focusing on any of them.  Max literally forces me to focus fully on him.  If I play on my phone while I am sitting with him, he takes it from me and chews on it.  If I try to leave him to play while I do something else he stands at the gate shaking it and crying for me until I come get him.  He demands nothing but my complete and undivided attention and for this I am grateful—otherwise I might have looked up from my phone and found him a teenager not sure when that happened or how we got there.

One Response to “Lesson Learned”

  1. The Traveling Circus November 11, 2012 at 3:43 pm #

    Isn’t it amazing how they can just make you STOP. Talk about living in the now! The moments go too fast but at least you are cherishing them as they happen instead of only looking back on them! xoxox to you and Max!

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