PJ Christmas

26 Dec

Normally Christmas is fairly stressful for us, at least on the level it is for every other family that travels during the holidays.  My family lives 6 hours away and M’s family lives near us.  We usually spend a weekend visiting my family and then schedule our local family celebration around that for a different weekend.  It’s a lot of driving, sleeping in uncomfortable places where there are cats (which M is extremely allergic to) and time being bored (especially for M who likes to be in perpetual motion—visiting my family out in the country is not really his pace).

I decided in July we would not be leaving home for Christmas this year—I turned 37 weeks pregnant on Christmas Day and I didn’t want to be so far from my midwife and hospital, not to mention spend that much time sitting in the car or sleeping on an uncomfortable bed (it’s hard enough to sleep in my own bed!)  About a month ago M and I decided what we really wanted for Christmas was a whole day spent in our PJs doing nothing.   We almost never get to spend Christmas just the two of us, and after this year there will be even more family demands as everyone is going to want to see the Mackage at the holidays.

So this year was in some ways our best Christmas ever.   On Christmas morning we had scrambled eggs and gluten free cinnamon rolls (which were amazing but probably a whole month’s worth of sugar) and we spent all day watching movies, playing video games and eating (later in the day we also had Tacos (what? Tacos are red and green! Totally festive!) and chocolate pie).

My brother came over for a couple hours for Tacos and watched Super 8 and part of “A Christmas Story” with us.  Otherwise it was just me and M and we loved it.

Christmas Eve however, was mostly a disaster and was largely my fault, or at least the fault of my hormones.   I had had several nights in a row of waking up very early in the morning and not being able to go back to sleep.  By Christmas Eve morning I was completely exhausted, which likely triggered an extremely emotional volatile crazy person taking over my body for the entire day.   I have been very fortunate that most of this pregnancy I’ve been pretty much my normal self—not getting my way or getting frustrated makes me cry more than it would otherwise, but I’m normally fairly even keeled for a pregnant person.  However, on Saturday I was a wreck all day.   I made an unfortunate choice of going to the grocery store (and the fancy one at that) in the morning—the traffic in the parking lot and parking situation were so bad I burst into tears of frustration trying to find a parking spot.  I sat in my car for five minutes after I finally parked playing Angry Birds on my (new!) phone before I was calm enough to go in the store.   The store was mostly okay, except the bagger did a bad job of bagging and walking the 18 million miles back to the car several things fell out of my bag, including a soy yogurt that exploded on the ground and I was left cursing and trying not to cry in the middle of the crosswalk.    By the time we got to my sister-in-law’s house all I wanted was to lie down and take a nap.  I wasn’t in the mood for pleasant conversation about how I was feeling or food I didn’t make (my in-laws and I have very different approaches to cooking and none of them really understand what gluten-free means, even though they try, which means the less food I contribute to a meal the less I can eat).    I heard myself saying cranky things but couldn’t stop myself.  After about 90 minutes I finally turned to M. and whispered “I have to get out of here.”  We got to the car and I burst into tears again, feeling bad for being such a bitch and mostly just wanting to lie down.    M was, as always, patient and reassuring—that man has been a saint through my pregnancy lunacy.    We came home and I took a nap for an hour or so (and I almost NEVER take naps) and felt better enough to make the cinnamon rolls and watch a movie with M.   That night I also started having much more frequent Braxton-Hicks Contractions and some mild cramping.   My body has started practicing for birth, which is exciting and a little scary.    I still have so much I want to get done before the baby comes!  Time to kick it into gear.

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas.  I am savoring this week, with M home for much of it and our anniversary coming up on Friday.

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