14 weeks

23 May

I am 14 weeks today. I had a conversation via email a few weeks ago with a dear friend who lives out of state and who has one child. I was trying to decide when to tell my boss about my pregnancy and she said, well at least you have a few weeks until you start showing. I laughed out loud and told her what every mom of more than one knows—the more pregnancies you have, the faster you look pregnant. My jeans got tight at 8 weeks. (I told my boss at 10 weeks for a bunch of reasons but including because I was worried she would think her dietitian was getting fat!) Now it’s only maternity or elastic waist pants for me. I have favored looser, longer tops since Marshall was born (more flattering to my never completely flat again tummy) so I am still able to avoid being completely in maternity wear, but not for much longer. This phase is amusing—if I wear something fitted or with an empire waist, there is no mistaking the baby bump. But a looser button down and lots of layers and it almost disappears. I mostly choose to the latter for now—I know I have months and months of answering question after question about my pregnancy from strangers and acquaintances so for now the less obvious option is more appealing. A far cry from my first pregnancy, where I couldn’t wait to show, and bought a bunch of maternity clothes well before I needed them, only to have them all be far too small by the third trimester. Lessons learned! I have plenty of maternity stuff now, and I know I will be in those clothes for a long time so I’m not in a big hurry to wear them this time. The few things I’ve bought (with the exception of a new pair of jeans since I completely wore out my favorite maternity jeans last time) have been non-maternity clothes that are a bit oversized. I don’t intend to do this again, so I don’t want any more maternity stuff thank you very much.
Having this more deliberate bump is kind of sweet though. I felt him moving very early on, and I am looking forward to the bigger kicks as he gets stronger. I am hoping the second trimester “feeling better” thing kicks in soon. My energy was starting to recover to some degree until on Sunday I participated in a walking 5K as part of a work wellness initiative. I have gotten basically zero exercise for the past few weeks because I’ve been so tired. Then between the 5K itself, parking far away and helping set up take down etc., I walked 6 miles yesterday. I was so wiped out I had to go home and take a nap and I’m sore today! Terrible. The attacks of nausea are not any better yet and in fact I had to up my dose of medication because I’m so tired of gagging all over the place.
We fought for months over Marshall’s name before I basically gave in. This time we actually came to an agreement peacefully over baby’s name, though we don’t agree about the nickname we will just each call him what we want. You, dear reader, will just have to wait to find out what it is, but you will not be surprised to find out it starts with M in keeping our family tradition.
As with my other two pregnancies, I am having vivid and often disturbing dreams. A few weeks ago I had a very realistic dream about sitting in class and realizing I was VERY far behind and feeling very stressed. When I woke up I was incredibly relieved to discover it wasn’t true. Last night I had a very disturbing dream that was a combination of my actual work place and The Office, which M and I have been re-watching lately. It wasn’t as fun as it sounds.

Mars turned 2.5 this weekend. He is just the sweetest and the most fun right now. He has tons to say, he almost always cheerful (if strong-willed like most two year olds) and so cuddly and snuggly. He starts preschool next week and I’m excited for him, and thrilled to get some time to myself, I am also going to miss our one on one time together in the mornings.
Yesterday, upon learning I intended to walk the 5K instead of run, Max was rather disgusted with me and told me if I wasn’t going to run and try to win that I shouldn’t even participate. Later he said, “Mom, you have to run. I think it’s a rule!” Sorry kid, Mom barely made it through walking.

Processing it all

17 May

I’ve been trying to even label my feelings about this pregnancy which are complicated.   I am not always good at pinning down exactly my emotions, and add to this the roller coaster of pregnancy hormones and sometimes I find myself sobbing on the floor, not entirely sure why I am crying.   I am actually not upset about having a baby.  There is a part of me that still wanted one more and I always thought that once we survive the baby/toddler phase three kids will be fun.

But I did not want to go through pregnancy again.  I had made a choice (so I thought) not to do this again because it is really hard.  It was hard when it was the first time and I didn’t have to take care of anyone but myself.  It was extra hard last time with a toddler.  And now with both four and a two-year-olds, it is debilitating.  I have no energy, I have no patience, I have terrible aversions to smells and certain foods and occasional attacks of extreme nausea, which is made worse by thinking about it so I will leave that discussion alone.  I feel terrible that I, normally the more patient parent in our household who can normally ride the waves of tiny people’s drama and remain calm, now find myself losing my temper repeatedly.  I don’t want to go to the park, drive on field trips or do involved craft projects. I just want to lie down.  So my kids eat too much processed stuff and watch way too much TV, and my house gets messier and messier and I both feel terrible and like a terrible mom.

I think what is hardest about it is I did not have time to mentally or physically prepare myself, like I did the last two times when pregnancy was planned and plotted and desired.  Instead my body has been taken over, quite against my will, and it feels shocking and invasive not to have had a say in a matter that is entirely all-consuming and life changing—weirdly almost like someone getting a disease, except instead of illness I’m growing a person that I’m excited to meet.

My children also fight over me a lot and adding to the mix a needy newborn is going to be rough on all involved.   Mars in particular is and always has been very territorial with me.  He doesn’t like anyone else getting my attention and if Max is upset about something and being comforted by me, Mars will start (fake) crying as well and insist that he too needs a hug.

And my sweet Mars, whom I still call “Baby” though at just days away from being 2.5 is certainly not a baby anymore, he is still my baby.  I’m sad for him that he will get pushed to the dreaded “middle child” position—I already see how he gets overlooked at family gatherings, where Max by being the oldest, and his cousin A, who is both the youngest and the only girl get all the attention.  Max has a special bond with his dad and Mars is much more mine.   When another little person comes along I do not want him to feel left out and my heart breaks thinking about it.

Lest you think it is all bad, I am very grateful for the timing: I had IUDs before, between and after each of the kids.  If I had had a “failure” during graduate school, or when Mars was a tiny baby it would have been a disaster.   The baby and his middle brother will be 3 years apart, and Max will be nearly 5.  Surely that will be easier than when Mars was born and Max was not even quite two, really still a baby himself.   Mars is also starting preschool soon, two mornings a week, so at least I will have both kids occupied for a few hours a week, unlike when I had them both at home all day all the time.

It’s an adjustment and I will get there.  Eventually.

Shocking News

16 May

I can’t remember when exactly we decided we were done with having more kids.  I think it was last Summer after we had spent all Winter being sick and we were exhausted.  It took me awhile to come to terms with that decision but in early March I started giving away some of the baby stuff and started working on really getting in shape.

On Saint Patrick’s day while Max was at school I stopped at the drugstore and bought the cheapest pregnancy test they had.  I was sure that my period was late due to a new thyroid medication I was on but I just wanted to confirm that was the case before emailing my doctor.   I came home, took the test, got Mars a snack and wandered back into the bathroom to see, to my shock, a sort of muddled plus sign on the test.  Sure it couldn’t possibly be right I went back to the drugstore where I bought the most expensive test—the one with the digital words on it.  Three minutes later I had a clear answer.  “Pregnant.”   I felt around and determined my IUD was still firmly where it belonged.   I texted M and told him to call me ASAP and then paced the living room until he called me back.  There may have been some expletives (from me).  Poor M was at Home Depot on his lunch break and really should have been sitting down but was not.   Then I called my primary care doctor, who wanted to refer me to an OB, but I instead called the midwives that delivered my two boys and the flustered receptionist, after I told her “well, I have a positive pregnancy test AND an IUD” found me an appointment time later that day.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get in touch with M in the short window before I had to drive to my appointment so I had to take both boys with me.

So imagine: waiting quite awhile for the on call midwife with two rowdy boys, myself still in massive shock.  When we finally got in to see her the kids were fighting over toys, wanting to climb up on the table with me and generally being crazy.  I looked at the midwife with tears in my eyes and she said, I can see you already have your hands full!  She did an exam, ordered blood work, and ordered an ultrasound for the next day, wanting to make sure the IUD wasn’t lodged anywhere weird before she took it out and that it wasn’t an ectopic pregnancy.  So the next day I took off work and wandered the mall in a daze until it was time for my appointment.    On the ultrasound I clearly saw the IUD and right next to it a tiny bud of a person.  I wanted to shake my fist at the IUD and say—it’s right there! Aren’t you supposed to be doing something?  But clearly God or the Universe wants this baby to be born.   I headed to the midwives and was told that once the IUD was removed there was a 50% chance of miscarriage.  She very tactfully asked me if I did not miscarry if I wanted to keep the pregnancy.   I burst into tears and said if this baby can survive those incredible odds it deserves to be born.

There was more drama as I had to have a blood test which took 4 weeks for results to see if I had been exposed to Zika virus when we went to Mexico (thankfully I was not).  Early genetic testing revealed the baby is healthy and that we are having our third boy.

Some of the shock has worn off, making way instead for nausea and exhaustion.  I admit some days I barely make it through.  My house is a mess, my kids are watching too much tv and we have had scrambled eggs and frozen waffles for dinner far too many times.    I think it will take me until I meet this little boy to fully wrap my head around being a mom of three.

March Madness

28 Mar

Suddenly so behind on blogging!  Why is it the longer I go without writing the less I know what to say?


The first week in March M and I escaped to Cabo San Lucas for a few days while the kids stayed home with my mom. It was wonderful to get some rest and some sun—it was the laziest vacation we have ever had, since prior to kids we would typically go and see and do ALL the things and arrive home exhausted.  We stayed at a resort, laid by the pool, drank margaritas and ate delicious tacos.  That’s about it.  I got a nasty sunburn that is still peeling to show for it, but it was wonderful to get away together and have some uninterrupted time to ourselves.


The kids got to hunt for eggs several times.  Last week we attended the preschool egg hunt (planned and executed by two of my mom friends) which was fun other than it kinda rained.  They also got to hunt for eggs at daycare.   We had a lovely Easter yesterday.  We went to my sister in law’s house and the boys enjoyed hunting for eggs with their little cousin A.  They had a few bites of candy, plus carrot cake and ice cream, and Mars missed his nap and WOW they were a handful in the afternoon.  Mars cried almost the whole way home.  I put him to bed and he slept for an hour and then woke up in a terrible mood and proceeded to have a 45 minute tantrum.  Did not want to be held, did not want to be put down, said he was hungry but wouldn’t eat, just furious.  I eventually convinced him to lay on the couch and watch his current favorite show (Stick Man) and he mostly calmed down after that, but it was an unenjoyable hour or so.  Max wasn’t upset, he was just kind of hyper and wanting my attention but I had zero patience left after dealing with Mars’ craziness.  M was out weeding in the rain so I was handling the nuttiness on my own, but he made up for it by putting Max to bed (it was my turn) and doing the dishes for me.

We also strangely had a man steal a couple of the kids toy trucks off our porch while we were gone!  We caught him on our security camera and circulated his picture to our neighbors and on social media.  Such a weird and random thing to do.

Speaking of our porch, the stroller sat outside for awhile and I have discovered some kind of creature (rats?) chewed holes in several places, most likely trying to get at the cracker crumbs.  VERY annoying.

Max has been tormenting his brother again after a few months of being very nice.  We got called back in to the gym daycare because he kept pushing and hitting his brother.  Early to bed with no tv was the punishment.  He seemed mostly remorseful, and was likely tired because he fell asleep fast.

Happy Birthday Max

23 Jan


Dear Max,

Four feels like a milestone.  You are solidly a kid now, a little kid (though if I told you that you were little you would be deeply offended.  You are also horrified if anyone dares to call you cute).  You are such a funny kid.  While at three you were going through a phase of not wanting me to kiss you, now at four you can never seem to get enough hugs.  Sometimes you will wander into my room at 3am and tell me you need a hug.  I went back to work part-time a few months ago after being home for almost a year and it’s been rough for you.  You get upset when I go anywhere now, not wanting us to be apart.  You tell me you “hate” daycare, because the teachers speak Spanish and you don’t know what’s going on, and I imagine that is very rough for you, though you do seem to have fun there despite your claimed hatred of the place.  I suspect anywhere I left you would be “hated” because you would rather be home with me.

You are still all about super heroes or anything similar.  Power Rangers, Star Wars, Ninjago and Superheroes are all in that same relm of good guys who fight bad guys are you are all about it.  You run through the house fighting invisible bad guys (always with Mars following close behind growling “bad guy!”).  You insist on my pretending to be one of the characters in whatever game you are playing (“Mom, can you be the pink power ranger?”) and I sometimes insist on being a boy character just to teach you that girls can do whatever boys can do, though I think you find this annoying.

After years of you only ever wanting to play if someone played with you, you now will play very nicely by yourself, building elaborate space ships with legos or playing games with your superheroes (though often your brother will come get in the way and take your toys and ruin the game which makes you upset).  You have been playing nicely with Mars more often lately which makes me happy too, though you also are very good at driving each other crazy!

You are so smart, and sweet and sensitive and so very into being near Mom lately.  I love your sweet heart and your thoughtful worries about the world.

I love you sweet boy,  Happy Birthday.



Merry Christmas

28 Dec

We had a very lovely Christmas.  My parents came to stay for a few days, something I don’t think they have done on Christmas since they moved away.  They have come around Christmas or for Thanksgiving but not on actual Christmas Day.  I love to be home at Christmas—making our traditions, the kids waking up in their own beds, our own tree—that’s what makes me happy.  I would not like to celebrate elsewhere, at least not while the kids are little, it just wouldn’t feel right to me.

On Christmas eve the kids each opened one present, new PJs from Grandma.  It wasn’t a surprise for Max, since I let him pick which ones he wanted, but they were thrilled with them anyway.  Then we all piled in the van and drove around to look at Christmas lights.  There are lots of great displays around where we live.   When we got home Max got to eat one Christmas cookie and put one out for Santa before bed.  One of my friends had posted to facebook she should have bought a second stocking for her girls so she could have it pre-loaded somewhere to not have to spend time doing it on Christmas Eve, but I loved setting up all the gifts, filling their stockings, getting ready for how excited they would be.  I spent the past six weeks sewing toy food for the kids, and M and I refurbished a used play kitchen.   It made me really happy and I hope they use it—as I expected Mars was more into it than Max, but they both played with it some, and in unexpected ways (Mars decided the play oven is a good hiding place, Max made the fridge Ironman’s house).



On Christmas morning Max was up by 6 and straight down stairs to see what Santa brought.  He had already opened his gift from Santa by the time I got down there!  We opened a few more gifts and then paused for a bit to play with the first things and slow down a little.  My mom and I made cinnamon rolls, which took forever because the house was cold and they had a hard time rising.  After breakfast the rest of the gifts were opened and then lots of playing, especially with the super hero action figures, took place.  Mars loves to dress up and wanted to wear all the clothes he received at once, plus some of Max’s.   We took a little excursion to the beach which was cold but at least not rainy, and got some fresh air.  Lots of people wished my little Batman (who consented to wear his new sweater but wouldn’t wear a coat even though it was 37 degrees) a Merry Christmas.

The day after Christmas my parents went home, which I was sad about, and we went to my sister-in-law’s house.  We were pretty tired, especially since M and I are still getting over our endless colds and I was up coughing half the night.  It was nice not to host—we watched the kids open presents, Mars played adorably with his 15 month old cousin Miss A, and someone else made lunch and brought me drinks.


It was a lovely Christmas- fun and not too stressful or overly materialistic and except for being sick I couldn’t have asked for better.

My baby turns two…

23 Nov


Dear Marshall,

Oh my sweet little Marzy.  Your dad and I remark often you are possibly the cutest two year old ever.  No offense to your big brother who was also adorable, but you have this joyful quality about you that I don’t see in many other children.  You have been a mostly happy, smiley kid from birth.  Your whole face lights up when you smile, which is often, and you bounce through life with joy.  You are also fiercely determined.  You and Max fight a lot, as brothers tend to do, and you hold your own in the (not allowed!) pushing/toy grabbing/yelling that goes on.   I think in your mind you believe you are big enough and capable of doing everything the big kids are doing and sometimes this comes with painful consequences.

I was waiting and waiting for you to get your words and all of a sudden in the past month suddenly you have so much to say.  Instead of just pointing and grunting you are saying what you want and gaining new words by the day.  The only TV show you really care anything about is one based on a book called “Room on the Broom” and you ask to watch it over and over “Mom, more more Boom pease!” While pointing out all the characters and actions on the show “witch! Hat! Down!”

You also love to sing, and will do your best “ABCD, you and me, YZ” and then demand I fill in the rest, “Mom! ABC!” or “Mom, Row row!” You also like to sing the theme song to a show called Paw Patrol, the words to which I can’t think of right now but you do it with glee.

You are very social and love to be around other kids, and they seem to be likewise drawn to you.  Many of Max’s classmates from preschool run up to you and give you hugs and include you in their games.  You love to play with Nico and Blair, and often will wake up demanding to see Neeno! Bear! While Max has struggled a bit with your new daycare situation, you have taken it in stride.  Oh, toys and kids to play with?  Great! See you later!

Max (or “Mac” as you call him) is still your hero.  You fight a lot, mostly over toys and space but your face lights up when he comes into the room and nothing makes you happier than being included in his games.  You just want to do what big brother is doing at all times, which means we have been done with things like high chairs for quite awhile since you want to sit in a big boy chair just like Max.  You love to play dress up, and your favorite things to wear are Max’s clothes and your Seahawks jersey.  You will bring me multiple clothes you find discarded around the house and insist on wearing them all at once and get quite upset if I tell you it’s not possible to wear three pairs of pants at a time.

You are a very snuggly boy and love to cuddle up in my lap or under a blanket.  You usually give hugs and kisses very willingly which makes me very happy.

While every age has it’s fun and not so fun elements, I think I will miss you as a one year old, so fun of mischief and cuddles.

Happy Birthday my sweet boy.



Happy Birthday to me

9 Nov

Since I started work it seems I have neither time nor motivation to write things down!  I need to try and do better.


Halloween was great fun.  The boys were both superheroes.  Max has been talking about being Ironman for months now.  I did buy a costume on Amazon but it was much too big and the mask (of the traditional iron man sort) had Velcro that held it on that he complained was “pokey.”  It went back, and then we were given a hand-me-down version that was a little small and had a very strange mask that BOTH the boys love.  To me it looks like a funny robot monkey rather than ironman, but Max likes it because it is comfortable. 

Mars was fairly obsessed with the mask for the two weeks leading up to Halloween and wore it constantly.  I found an inexpensive Captain America costume on Amazon and ordered it thinking the mask would be similar, but it had Velcro in the back and he refused to wear it.  The costume was also huge and for a while he wouldn’t even put it on, but by Halloween he decided he liked it (but never the mask).  We had a great time at the preschool’s Halloween party and then had friends over for dinner and went trick or treating for the first time with them.  Max was VERY apprehensive about trick or treating (i.e. having to talk to strangers) but we went on a busy street where lots of kids were also out and he realized he didn’t have to have a real conversation with anyone and was quickly going to the door by himself.  It was very dark and I was worried I was going to lose one of them (particularly Mars).  I was so glad M came with us because we really needed a 1:1 kid to adult ratio.


M and I had a rare two nights out in one week, first going to a Fundraising party for a Lawyer Association the day before Halloween.  Max’s beloved preschool teacher babysat the boys– our first nighttime non-family babysitter ever!  It was fun to have some time just the two of us.  Then, last Wednesday we got out again for my birthday (which was Thursday).  My mom was in town, and M and I went to dinner at then to see Idina Menzel in a new musical called “If/Then” at the Paramount, which I loved (can’t go wrong with Idina).  Both of our departures resulted in MAJOR child meltdowns, especially Max.  He has been having unusually strong separation anxiety lately, even getting upset about me going to choir rehearsal last week which usually he doesn’t bat an eye about since he stays home with his dad.


My birthday itself was an unusually terrible day.  Mars woke up very grumpy and cried and fussed all day long.  I gave him some yogurt in the morning and he got it all over everything and so I decided to give him a bath, and he pooped in the bathtub which I got to clean up.  When we picked up Max from field trip, they got back late and I learned he had made the whole class miss the bus because of having to incessantly use the bathroom.  His teacher told me they were worried he might have a UTI.  We went to the mall briefly so my mom could return something and then let the kids play in the play area where a toddler girl with a mom who was not paying attention kept trying to aggressively scratch my children like an angry cat, resulting in them both hiding from her instead of playing.  We finally left there after it just got too crazy.  Both boys fell asleep in the car on the way home and were very grouchy to be wakened.  I took Max to the doctor where I had luckily been able to get him in at the end of the day, but where, due to the non-emergent nature of his symptoms we ended up waiting almost an hour to see the doctor.  I was very glad Mars was at home with my mom at least.  Max did not have an infection, so the mystery of too much pee remains a mystery.  But all of that did not make for much of a birthday.  However my fantastic husband met us at the doctor’s office and brought me lots of gorgeous roses and then I had cake and wine after Max went to bed so all was not lost.



We made up for a not so good birthday day on Saturday, when my mom and I spent the entire day at the mall with no agenda, just wandering, shopping, and eating.  It was a wonderful, leisurely day and exactly what I wanted.


Mars is talking so much now compared to just a few months ago.   He is now putting together 2 and 3 word phrases.  His favorite show, based on a book about a very nice witch and her animal friends is called “Room on the Broom.”  The other day when it ended he said to me, “Mom, more more Broom please!” He also likes to sing, and he is trying to learn the ABCD song– he will sing “Abcd…you and me… y z” and then demand I sing the whole song “mom, ABC!”  He also can do a bit of “Twinkle Twinkle” and “row, row, row your boat.”  He is also very interested in letters and numbers, I heard him saying 5, 6, 7, 8! The other day and he is very proud of himself for being able to identify the letter “A.” (Only 25 to go!).


Max continues to amaze me by asking very thoughtful and intelligent questions about things. A lot of his friends are having birthdays and turning four and he tells me on a daily basis he can’t wait to be four.  We are all enjoying his Thursday field trips– I have driven now to a puppet show (which I didn’t think Mars would sit still for, but he loved) and to a Pumpkin Patch, which was a lot of fun.  He’s also been to the Seattle Children’s Museum, the local hardware store, a Safeway and the Seattle Children’s Theater by bus.  This week they are going to the Science Center.

We also went to a pumpkin patch with my sister in law, brother in law and niece and the kids had a blast.


We have also been kinda sick for weeks now.  I am pretty sure I just keep getting one low grade cold after another. The kids get it and then pass it along just as I am better from the last one. M finally got so fed up he saw a doctor and got put on antibiotics, but nothing I have had has been bad enough, just seems to go on and on.  Last week I also got pink eye, or some other yucky eye infection, which I am still recovering from.  It’s getting better but I still can’t wear my contacts and I seem to have a sore throat daily.  Max clearly was not feeling well yesterday, but had no fever or any specific symptoms that would keep him home, and both M and I had to work so he went to daycare and I felt guilty about that.  He really has been freaking out about being left at daycare lately and it just kills us both—M gets the worst of it since he has to do the dropping off, but I feel terrible too.  I hope he rallies soon.


There’s probably other stuff I’m forgetting but those are the main updates!


6 Nov

Well I wrote this in October, it is now November and I never posted it!  So here goes.

It’s been forever since I wrote anything! We are settling into our new routine. I’ve been back at work now (2 days a week) for about three weeks. I’m still getting used to our schedule. Tuesdays seem to throw me off, because I work Monday and then Tuesday feels like my old Monday, getting Max to preschool in the morning. The boys seem to be doing fine at daycare. They are cheerful when M picks them up and don’t get too upset at drop off. As to what goes on all day I don’t have much of a clue, since neither of them is a reliable reporter and I’m not the one who picks them up to talk to the teachers.

I like work so far. It’s ramping up still, with people not really aware that I’m there yet so I haven’t had a ton of appointments, but I’m teaching a class next week so hopefully that will spur people to come talk to me. It’s really nice to have a couple of days a week where I get to leave the house and talk to grown ups and do stuff other than being a mom, but I do miss the boys and have small twinges of guilt sometimes. And I miss our freedom to have a morning playdate with our friends who have stay home moms. (I could drop another day of preschool to do this, but I think Max gets a lot out of going so for now I won’t). We do try to go places in the afternoons, though as the weather gets wetter that gets more challenging, since most of the places to play inside involve horrible traffic in the afternoons. We went to a really awesome place not too far away yesterday which had a climbing wall, a giant trampoline and tons of mats. The boys had an amazing time, but it was $16 and the open gym is only an hour, so I doubt we will be doing that very often. But it is a possibility for Max’s birthday party.

I can’t remember if I mentioned this before, but Max has been having night terrors. He’d had one or two before but now it’s 2-3 times a week, always within an hour of going to sleep. He sits up screaming and thrashing but isn’t really awake. It’s ROUGH. There isn’t much we can do but try to keep him from hurting himself and try (and usually fail) to gently wake him up so he will go back to sleep.

Mars is talking a lot more now finally, after my being worried because he was behind Max at this age. He, being nearly two, has recently learned “no” (though he says “bo”) and “mine”. He also likes to give status updates, pointing at me and saying “mom” and then he will say “dada, work,” “Mac, ‘kool” just so we all know where everyone is. He loves to play with other kids, which Max wasn’t so into at this age. His buddy is B, who is about a month older than him (little sister to Max’s best girl N). They are so sweet together.

Max is very into Star Wars lately which is pretty funny since he’s never seen it (that’s what happens when you go to mixed age preschool and the five year olds tell you what’s cool I guess). He is also very interested in mini coopers and points out every one we drive by (which, as it turns out, is a lot in our area).

I feel like there is so much more to say, but I can’t even remember what it is that I’ve forgotten to write about.

End of Summer Adventures

7 Sep

We have had a busy week.  Last weekend we went to the State Fair.  We saw lots of animals (Max was not especially impressed with the farm animals but both really liked the petting zoo—one unfortunate side effect is now Mars wants to pet (and sometimes kiss) any furry animal we see, including and especially strange dogs we encounter.  It was better when he was a little nervous around them since not all dogs want to be mauled by toddlers). 

At the fair Max went on his very first rides—a small roller coaster, which he deemed scary and fun, this airplane ride we went on twice, and teacups like ride where you could spin bears around (I happily rode the airplane with him but sent M on the other two as I am prone to extreme motion sickness with any kind of spinning).   



The kids also loved the Rvs, riding mini tractors and watching a car race.
There was a big wind storm while we were at the fair and though it was somewhat windy there, closer to home wind was doing a lot of damage and it took us hours to get home because so many trees had fallen blocking major roadways.  Our attempt at stopping at a shopping center for dinner was foiled when said establishment was out of power due to fallen trees.  It was a long day.

Next we spent four days in Vancouver, BC .  It turned out to be cold and rainy for those few days which pushed us into some indoor activities, but the taste of fall weather was a nice break from being too hot.  


We did a lot of walking, found some gluten free donuts (yay!), spent an entire day at the science center where the boys had a blast playing with many different ball exhibits. 



Mars could not be parted with his “bawl” and we may have stolen a tiny one.  Sorry Science World.  Vancouver also has some great parks with interesting play areas we explored whenever it wasn’t raining. 



We had a good time and mercifully no one got sick this time like our last road trip.  Max is horrible at sleeping away from home and was fairly tired and crabby the first few days but overall we had fun.

We came home and M spent a day helping his brother in law with some home projects while I set out to break my own walking record and I pushed the boys in the stroller for a total of 9 miles in one day.  It was exhausting but good.

Sunday M was feeling a little under the weather and it was raining again so I took the boys to the mall for something inside to do.  I managed a little shopping, buying myself two shirts (one of which Max picked out—he also really wanted me to wear some interesting short, sequined skirt type numbers which I declined), and a few more fall clothes for Max.  We next spent about an hour in the packed mall play area where I had to keep eagle eyes on the kids since it was so crowded and the area isn’t gated so I was scared Mars would wander away.  When we got alllll the way back to the van and the kids buckled in only then did I notice the bag with my two shirts had disappeared.  Feeling sick (but managing not to curse in front of the children!) we retraced our steps and asked at the lost and found and the store they were from, but I am pretty sure the bag was stolen from the stroller while we were playing (there is also a small possibility Mars threw the bag out of the stroller.  He does that sometimes).   It was very annoying (and balsy of whomever did it) but given all the ways it could have been worse (could have been my wallet/phone/the whole stroller/the kids shoes/my car/we could be Syrian refugees etc) it’s not the end of the world.

For several months I have been in the bad habit of taking Mars to bed with me when he wakes up in the middle of the night, so now nightly he wakes up around midnight expecting to sleep with mom.  He officially got kicked out this week after falling out of my bed two mornings in a row.  I’m a little sad not to have those snuggle times, but it’s no longer safe so back to his own bed he goes.  He is not pleased with this new arrangement and complains loudly for quite awhile every night.  Hopefully he will learn to love his own bed soon.

We are gearing up for Fall, with which comes our transition to our new schedule and my new job.  Max starts getting to go on field trips at school once a week, and in a couple more weeks the kids start daycare twice a week (Max is not so excited about that, poor kid).   We have been eating out a lot and eating a lot of convenience foods lately and I’m eager to get back to cooking most of our food and us all eating healthier too.
Two different people asked me at the mall if these two were twins. They do like to wear their matching Seahawks jerseys!


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